Practitioner Experiences
Using cupping therapy to treat severe shoulder pain

Background Frozen shoulder is an inflammation of the capsule and tissue around the shoulder joint causing the shoulder to hurt and to limit its motion range. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis system, frozen shoulder is also known as “Fifty-year-old shoulder” due to the fact that most of the patients suffering from this condition are […]

Releasing stuck energy through crystal healing

Background I offer spiritual readings ( which include a variety of metaphysical tools. I work primarily with the subconscious and tapping into emotional or mental blocks that prevent a person from living their fullest spiritually. In my opinion, there is a great need to connect the conscious mind to the unconscious in whatever means necessary. […]

Menstrual Disorders Gone Thanks to Chinese Medicine

Background One of the most common menstrual disorders in women who are in their 30’s and 40’s is prolonged, heavy bleeding, which often comes accompanied by cramping and large clots. These symptoms can occur as part of perimenopause, which begins around age 35 causing an uneven rise and fall of estrogen in the body. In […]

Hypnosis for Anxiety Relief

Background and history What is hypnosis? First, let me begin with what hypnosis is not. It isn’t magic. Hypnosis can’t make you do something you would not approve of. It isn’t mind control. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that we all slip in and out of many times on our own. Our brains can […]

Restoring Harmony Through Qigong

Some background I run classes in Tai Chi and Qigong ( and I also offer one to one support for people who are keen to tackle a particular aspect of their health, whether this be physical, spiritual or emotional/mental. Qigong is a marvelous adjunct to Traditional Chinese Medicine that can promote harmony and healing. I include […]

Healing Trauma Using Craniosacral Quantum Healing

Background Craniosacral therapy is a gentle manual therapy with profound healing benefits. It is a subtle therapy because it helps treat various conditions ranging from physical, mental to spiritual. It directly effects the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid which surrounds and cushions the brain and spinal cord. Likewise, it regulates the nervous system to resolve […]

Transcendental Meditation: A Reflection Into Our Souls

A Brief History Nations have practiced meditation across time, and at one point its potential benefits were common knowledge. Unfortunately, in today’s age the ancient ways are lost, and civilization has lost the zeal for life that philosophers such as Yogi Vivekenanda celebrated. In a time where virtually all information is a keyboard away, one […]

Helping a Case of Mental Disorder Through Meditation

Some background This hopeful healing story about how meditation can help mental disorders places itself at a mental health hospital in California. Earlier that year, the hospital hired me to teach meditation once a week. Within a few months, the hospital ramped up my sessions to 4 times a week, with 6 additional private sessions […]

Treating Pandemic-Induced Sleep Disorder with Acupuncture

Some Background We are about five months out from when many states locked down to “flatten the curve,” due to Covid-19. I’ve been an Acupuncturist for close to 25 years, and I’ve never treated as much disordered sleep as I have over this timeframe. People are facing unprecedented stress internally and externally. Patients are reporting […]

Guided Meditation And Emotional Healing: Inner Child Work

Some background My interest in guided meditation began when I was struggling with some very intense emotional distress just after a divorce. No matter what I did, I just wasn’t able to calm my emotions down. I’d find myself weeping at work, at the store, and sitting at home on the couch staring off into […]