Practitioner Experiences
A Powerful Combo – Guided Meditation, Visualization and Yoga

Some background As a kid, I enjoyed using my imagination to create and visualize stories. I realized people loved storytelling because it engaged the mind and evoked emotions. I also remember my parents rubbing my tummy as they read me stories. Healthy touch mixed with positive and calming words offered me a personal healing tool. […]

Supporting the Whole Person Through Ayurveda

Some background Clients walk into my Ayurveda practice for a number of reasons. I have worked with both young and old individuals, and have supported clients with minor imbalances all the way to serious chronic illnesses. In all of my Ayurveda stories, one of the common underlying reasons that clients seek out an Ayurvedic consultation […]

Reiki and Beyond

I began my metaphysical journey fascinated by intuition and serendipitous and synchronous events. I’d always been highly clairsentient and clairaudient, only then, I had no vocabulary or insight with which to understand these intuitive modalities, and I had absolutely no idea that I even had them. I thought the messages that no one else heard, […]