Using Energy Healing To Help A Client With Insomnia
January 9, 2022

Becoming a Healer

I have always been interested in the mind and how it affects our experience of reality, so I studied a Psychology degree. At the same time I volunteered as a counsellor for individuals who were feeling distressed and suicidal. These years taught me just how healing it can be for someone to feel truly heard and understood, as well as the nature of suffering so many of us experience in life. It also put me on a quest to find ways that we can ease the suffering, to restore the human spirit and help people to not only heal, but to thrive! Little did I know later on I would use energy healing to help people. And today, I want to share how energy healing helped a client of mine who was suffering from chronic insomnia.

I studied with Buddhist monks throughout India and Thailand, sat in many silent meditation retreats, including 40 days of silence with a mystery school in Guatemala, practicing lucid dreaming. I trained as a Reiki Master, advanced ShaluHa-Ka Energy Healing & Pranayama breath facilitation. Each offering a piece in the holistic puzzle towards optimum health, yet I always felt there was more.

Vortex Energy Healing

Then I was blessed to find Vortex Energy Healing®. I have been sharing Vortex Healing® and continuing my training with this lineage for 5 years now; in this time the healing and transformation I have facilitated has been beyond words. From healing severe toothaches, to releasing trauma and lifelong issues at their very root. It is profoundly moving to witness people shift to a more joyful, healthy and harmonious life.

Vortex Healing is an energy-based holistic modality that works in a similar way to Reiki, with the practitioner channeling energy to the client. Like Reiki it is a wonderful way to balance and strengthen the primary energy centers (chakras), the energetic pathways (meridians) and energetic bodies, for overall well being and vitality. Prior to training in Vortex Healing, I trained to level 3 Reiki. This prepared me to deepen my studies in energy work and holistic therapy.

The healing tools of Vortex Healing are designed to generate physical and emotional health (and they do so fantastically!). But on a deeper level they also engage a process with the Divine that facilitates the deepest movement of healing. This is this kind of inner awakening to the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature.

Maria’s many nights without sleep

Maria came to me after suffering with insomnia for 15 years. She was at the end of her tether and completely exhausted, having tried just about everything. Maria had not tried energy healing for her insomnia previously and she was willing to give it a chance.

We opened a sacred and safe space for her to share her experience. She spoke of how sleeplessness had impacted her life, and what she felt were some of the causes. These causes included traumatic experiences from her childhood.

As Maria laid down and made herself comfortable, I tuned in energetically to her system. For much of the initial session I used deeply nourishing, restorative energy to help soothe her nervous system. This also helped bring in a sense of safety.

I could sense that her energetic system was particularly spiked, rather like a frightened cat. With Vortex Healing® there are many tools you can use in very specific ways (whether that is on an organ of the body, or a suppressed emotion). Over a series of 5 sessions we systematically went through her entire system to bring her back into harmony.

This included returning her nervous system from a fight-or-flight mode back to it’s rest & relax state (parasympathetic). I sensed a lot of contraction in her root chakra, which was holding a lot of fear; this contributed to her being on edge and was preventing her from trusting in life. Her early life experiences created tension patterns and conditioned her in this way.

Conditioning affects the way we interact with life and then we often find ‘evidence’ to support the position. We released these patterns one by one, within her physical, emotional, and mental bodies, including as deep as her epigenetic layer within the DNA.

Following the sessions I shared somatic techniques and breath practices to help Maria integrate the movements.

Sweet Dreams

After just 2 sessions Maria was sleeping better than she had in many years. She moved to another location after this, so we continued the rest of the sessions via Zoom (Vortex Healing is just as effective at a distance as it is in person).

Maria is now sleeping soundly and has said she hasn’t felt this much energy in the whole of her adult life. With her insomnia now behind her, she became a big advocate for energy healing. With tears of joy she said that before the first session we shared she was very close to giving up. Now she says she is taking pleasure in the small things again (after such a long time) and is excited to embrace the big things too!

James Bonner

Vortex Energy Healer, Breathwork, Meditation & Lucid Dream Coach (in-person & online)

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