Practitioner Experiences
Using Astrology To Help A Client Craft A Better Future

About my practice  I discovered what many consider “occult” since I was very young. Astrology happened to be among all those things, too. I always had a knack for languages and Astrology was one of the first “foreign” languages I learned when I was a child. It helped me make sense of the things and […]

Using Reiki To Help Client Suffering From Chronic Fatigue

My journey as a healer My journey to energy and intuitive healing began a few years ago, I have always been fascinated by the diversity and healing powers of alternative medicine from a very young age. It was a spiritual awakening and inner calling to broaden my knowledge on metaphysical science, chakras, and Reiki that […]

Treating A Case Of Hypothyroidism With Homeopathy

Introduction Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the ‘Law of Similars’. In simple words, it means a substance that can produce symptoms in a healthy individual is capable of curing a patient suffering from similar symptoms. Homeopathy follows a holistic approach by considering the patient as a whole, and we believe a […]

Massage: More Than Laying Hands

My practice Massage therapy is an umbrella term that encompasses “the laying on of hands” to facilitate physical change. The goal of massage therapy usually involves one or more of the following: to temporarily relieve physical discomfort; to improve function or mobility; provide long-term relief of musculoskeletal pain; provide mental relaxation. Other times, massage can […]

Using Naturopathy To Address And Treat A Bad Case of IBS

Some background Naturopathic medicine practices vary widely depending on the level of education and experience of the naturopath. Whether they are a doctor or a “traditional naturopath”, there are differences based on personal approach and what is allowed legally where they practice. My clinic is in Washington state, where I am licensed as a primary […]

Using Reflexology To Treat A Client With Acute Headaches

Thai Foot Reflexology Case Study I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for fifteen years and have studied a variety of bodywork modalities. Thai Foot Reflexology is considered a bodily energy therapy in which acupressure is applied to certain points on the foot to stimulate targeted healing. Reflexology can help alleviate multiple ailments, including chronic […]

Using Tarot to Break Negative Patterns, Heal and Move On

About My Practice I’ve been intuitive my entire life. Since I was a small child, I would have vivid dreams that would often come true. Later, as my fascination with mysticism, the occult, and energy work grew, I studied everything from Tarot, to Astrology, to Meditation. All of these methods for healing, spiritual growth, and […]

Using Astrology Wisdom To Heal The Present And Build A Better Future

About my practice I’ve been studying astrology almost my entire life, from teenage curiosity to studying with a teacher. Now it is an honor to do astrology readings where I apply this ancient wisdom to real life situations and help people build a better future. I have studied many types of astrology, but developed interest […]

Using Reiki Healing To Help Overcome Emotional Grief

Reiki and its role with energy Reiki is an alternative medicine practice that helps align, balance, and clear the energy points within the body. It transfers healing vibrations, also known as universal life force energy which is found in every plant, animal, and living organism. During a reiki session, this gentle energy flows through the […]

Treating car accident injuries with the help of chiropractic

Brief background on chiropractic Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine in which the means of treatment is a physical one. Chiropractors use their hands to treat various musculoskeletal conditions that affect the human body. Chiropractic can treat a diverse group of patients including car accident victims, worker’s compensation injuries, sports injuries, pediatric patients, as […]