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Why More People Are Seeking Spiritual Coaches

Have you ever felt a little disconnected and lost in life? A Spiritual Life Coach might be just what you need to regain sight. Spiritual life coaches help individuals have a solid and consistent north star in their lives, particularly in these challenging days. Since the start of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has […]

How Yoga Can Help Ease The Transition Into Menopause

An evolving body A changing body is one of the inevitabilities of life. While most people are generally aware of the changes that are happening or will happen to them, very few are actually prepared for them. When it comes to menopause, various studies have highlighted the shocking knowledge gap amongst women around the world. […]

How To Understand Your Birth Chart

We’re all familiar with the astrology signs associated with our birthdays that we use to read our horoscope at the back of the newspaper. This usually tells you a little bit about your personality traits and what to expect in life. What a lot of people don’t realize is that astrology gets so much deeper […]

How To Use Aromatherapy At Home

How To Use Aromatherapy at Home The use of essential oils in aromatherapy targets various emotional and physical troubles. Commonly, aromatherapists are trained massage therapists that have learned to incorporate essential oils into their practice for added benefits. But did you know you can bring aromatherapy into your home for everyday use and continued benefits? In […]

Beginner Crystals And How To Use Them

Adorning temples and ceremonial jewelry, crystal healing dates back to ancient times. To get into crystal healing there are several options for beginner crystals to start with. These crystals target common issues many people work on. In this article we are going to look at quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and tigers eye and how to […]

5 Common Conditions Naturopathy Can Help Address

Naturopathy—much like most alternative treatment modalities—is a holistic therapy with the potential to improve or resolve a variety of health concerns. While symptom relief is certainly crucial, naturopathic treatment plans are geared toward improving overall wellness. But more specifically, naturopathy can be very helpful in addressing common conditions we encounter often in our daily lives. […]

How Alternative Therapies Can Help You Quit Smoking

When it comes to the dangers of smoking, not a single smoker out there can feign ignorance. With every cigarette package emblazoned with health warnings, quitting is something that most smokers have had lingering in the back of their minds for years. Yet, they don’t know there are alternative ways to help them quit smoking. […]

Four Natural Remedies For Eczema Relief

Background Eczema affects millions of people the world over, making it one of the most common skin conditions. In fact, it’s so common that if you haven’t personally struggled with an eczema flare-up before, chances are that you know someone who has. It is likely that you would not know that there are natural ways […]

Alternative Medicine For Menstrual Cramps

Most women experience period pain, or dysmenorrhea, at some point in their lives. While menstrual cramps are a natural consequence of the menstrual cycle and tend to be more or less tolerable, there are an unfortunate few who experience moderate to severe pain. As with any form of pain or discomfort, it’s always best to […]

Why You Should Try Alternative Medicine

The use of alternative and complementary therapies has risen over the last several years. Today, alternative medicine practices are, in some segments, taking as much as an important role as conventional medicine. One of the reasons driving this emerging adoption is the incorporation of alternative techniques in conventional medicine. In addition, several pieces of research […]