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How I Overcame Severe Low Back Pain Using Acupuncture

How I Overcame Severe Low Back Pain Using Acupuncture I’m Charles, a 43-years-old technician and I want to describe how acupuncture helped my lower back pain. When moving my house to my dream neighborhood, all I was thinking about is a ‘happily ever after’ kind of a story. However, this changed my life for the […]

How Chiropractic Eliminated My Pain From Long Distance Running

About me My name is Alli, and I am a twenty six year old female. I work as a dietitian and nutritionist at a large hospital.  I help patients make nutrition changes to improve their health.  Three years ago, I moved to the east coast from the Midwest to escape the winter and enjoy warmer […]

How I Overcame My Deep Depression Through Meditation

About me  I’m Samantha and I am twenty six years old. I’m currently scampering around the east coast, serving tables and tending bars. Trying to pay off college loans while finding a job that I like. I have always struggled with poor mental health and want to share some phases of my life that included deep […]