Using Astrology Wisdom To Heal The Present And Build A Better Future
November 4, 2020

About my practice

I’ve been studying astrology almost my entire life, from teenage curiosity to studying with a teacher. Now it is an honor to do astrology readings where I apply this ancient wisdom to real life situations and help people build a better future. I have studied many types of astrology, but developed interest in a sect of Western astrology called Evolutionary Astrology. Created by Jeffrey Wolf Green, this form of astrology focuses on Pluto and its position on one’s birth chart. Pluto tells us about past life karma and how certain challenges and gifts play out in this lifetime.

Evolutionary astrology really does focus on the concept of incarnation and past lives. Some clients don’t agree with this ideology which is fine as this mode of astrology can cater to every person. I believe true wholeness and wellness comes when we break the cycle of karma and dissolve the illusion of separation. The illusion that we are separate from each other, the earth, or from our body, mind or spirit.

Keeping an unbiased perspective

When I read charts, I work with three main focuses. Namely i) integrating and healing the past, ii) transforming and transcending ego limitations and iii) awakening and aligning with spirit. This way, I help clients to see beyond self illusions and delusions, to help them understand their emotions and wounds. This in turn helps them tap further into their intuition or spirit. We tune in, feel, heal and awaken using the sacred science of astrology!

It’s incredibly important that whatever may be going on with me or whatever may be correct for me, is not necessarily what is going on with someone else nor correct for them. This is most readers largest hurdle and I can thankfully say, I am as neutral as Switzerland! The largest issue with most readers is their inability to not project their problems onto others. In general, this is the biggest hurdle that every astrologer keeps in mind when conducting a reading.

The human experience/life can be really challenging for many. My struggles have led me to many modalities and astrology was one of those extremely helpful tools. I never get clients that are perfectly at peace wanting a reading, because why fix a problem that isn’t there? I am not saying there is a ‘problem’ but many people come to me in times of trouble and directionlessness. It is my privilege to help them in this capacity with a special emphasis on neutrality and objectiveness. Astrology is meant to provide  impartial wisdom based on chart information, which can help as input for future decisions.

Helping Jade

A wonderful example of helping one of my clients, was a woman named Jade (a cover up name to keep her anonymous) ​who really needed help with her strained relationships with her parents, especially her mother, had a mundane and passionless job, as well as struggled with an on and off again boyfriend. She had a lot going on and was feeling depressed and lost. Jade not only needed a beacon of light in the night, but she also needed to be seen, heard and understood. One of my number one beliefs is people desire understanding far more than advice.

So I listened to Jade, I heard her pain and let her know she was validated in all her emotions. Once we dove into those depths, she was ready to understand why her and her mother’s relationship was strained, how she could help heal it and preserve herself as we looked through her natal chart, namely in the 4th house which rules Cancer and the Moon.

After that, we were able to tackle her other relationships, seeing how they spider webbed from the original ones with mom and dad, what obstacles she naturally faces in relationships and how she could move through them with more grace and understanding. Many of these aspects reveal themselves in the 7th house which rules Venus and Libra + Taurus. Last but not least, we addressed her work life and how it didn’t align with her higher purpose. We were able to tune into her divine work on this planet and see what kind of steps she can take in order to get there.

A brighter outcome ahead

At the end of the reading, Jade was lighter and brighter than before feeling confident and capable with real life steps to address her challenges. Astrology isn’t just a personality mirror, but a practical tool to use for understanding, healing, and actual steps towards our purpose here on Earth.

I hope anyone who desires wellness and clarity to seek an astrology reading that will help guide them to their true power! Through the powerful wisdom that astrology can provide, people can draft the path to a better future. You can discover more about me and my practice at ​​.

Ariel Swortfiguer

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