Using Tarot to Break Negative Patterns, Heal and Move On
November 12, 2020

About My Practice

I’ve been intuitive my entire life. Since I was a small child, I would have vivid dreams that would often come true. Later, as my fascination with mysticism, the occult, and energy work grew, I studied everything from Tarot, to Astrology, to Meditation. All of these methods for healing, spiritual growth, and inner knowledge acted to expand my innate intuitive and psychic gifts, which over time, I used to help clients looking for direction. Tarot, as you will see below, is one of the methods I often use to help clients heal or make better decisions.

My particular practice now focuses on counseling clients in different areas of life they need help with. It could be relationships, finances, personal journey, etc.,. I help my clients through the use of Astrology, Tarot, and Automatic Writing. All these methods shed a light into the client’s psyche and the overall energy surrounding him or her. This, in turn, helps to provide the client with insights for better decision making surrounding an uncertain situation. 


About a year ago a client and good friend of mine (I’ll call her “Anna”), came to me for guidance. As many others can probably relate to, Anna had been dating someone (we’ll call him “Steve”) off and on for a few years, and despite how much she knew he wasn’t right for her, she could never walk away from him.

It had gotten so bad that she developed a rash all along her arms. She felt she was fighting for a better outcome with him but she could not find an objective way of assessing the relationship. The way Anna described her feelings about Steve was that they were “completely irrational”, and like he was almost “sucking the life out of her”. No matter how much she tried to stay away, like in so many of her other relationships throughout her life, she found herself nearly obsessed. She genuinely couldn’t understand why though, or how she could possibly break away from it.

Tarot Reading

Many clients come for a Tarot reading not only to heal but also because they feel it is an impartial assessment of a situation, without the bias friends would have. In Tarot, there are multiple “spreads”, ranging in number of cards pulled, positions, and meaning. For Anna’s reading, I focused on a simple, but effective “Past, Present, and Future” spread, using the classic Rider Waite Deck.

The cards not only represent an energy, but also provide a visual, artistic representation of the situation. The reader then interprets that message to the question at hand. Where a card falls has a specific message, as well as the position of the card (upright or reversed). The cards I pulled were:

PAST: The Moon

PRESENT: The Devil

FUTURE: Six of Swords

I sat down with Anna and provided my intuitive guidance. The Moon in the past position showed Anna that this relationship, like many of her others, was fraught with confusion and misunderstandings. She never knew entirely where she stood in regards to her feelings, as well as his. Anna acknowledged that she seldom felt assertive enough regarding her feelings, which led to some toxic and obsessive relationships.

This obsession was manifested through the Devil card. Anna felt chained to her own need for companionship and fears about being alone. In actuality, she had control, as the card shows the prisoner can actually remove the self-inflicted shackles whenever they please. Anna acknowledged she felt like a prisoner. But I saw a glimpse of hope when she contemplated the imagery of the Devil card.

Finally, the future card showed the Six of Swords.  Anna needed to release her previous baggage and move on entirely. Just like the man on the boat rowing away from a sea of swords.

After the Reading

During the session, Anna could feel that the universe had a message for her. This message helped her understand where she was and where she needed to go. It was a time of reflection and acknowledgment for her. It was through hearing the truth out-loud, seeing the physical representations from the Tarot cards, and being able to recognize the painful pattern she needed to break, that Anna was finally able to let go of the relationship, heal and move on. Shortly after, her rash immediately cleared up, as well.

Often times, we hold a deeper knowledge within ourselves that a situation isn’t right, or that we keep making the same mistakes again and again. However, we can’t always confront this truth on our own; we often need the guidance delivered to us that we can in fact take control of our lives, release pain and baggage, and be able to move on from it as a stronger and more aware person.

Rachel Pacelli

Astrologer, Writer, Empath

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