Using Reiki Healing To Help Overcome Emotional Grief
October 28, 2020

Reiki and its role with energy

Reiki is an alternative medicine practice that helps align, balance, and clear the energy points within the body. It transfers healing vibrations, also known as universal life force energy which is found in every plant, animal, and living organism. During a reiki session, this gentle energy flows through the hands of the practitioner and then sent to the recipient where the vibrations then clear out the blockages. Reiki provides relaxation, past life trauma and grief relief, and helps to align the recipient so that their mind, soul, and body energies are in balance.

We often do not realize how much energy we may absorb during the day. In fact if you’ve ever walked into a store and then left feeling exhausted, you may have absorbed more energy than you have realized. Thus, reiki is a great shower to clean one’s energy systems. There are thousands of energy points within the body but the main ones that have the most effect on us are: crown chakra (spiritual growth), third eye chakra (psychic abilities), throat chakra (communication and inner truth), heart chakra (receiving and giving unconditional love), solar plexus chakra (inner power), sacral chakra (sexuality, emotion, relationships) and root chakra (security, survival, and resources). A blocked chakra can cause an array of issues that can range from emotional, to physical aches and spiritual issues such as disconnection with your inner self.

Helping Victoria

One of my favorite stories is with a client I will call Victoria. She complained of ailments that were unexplainable by medical professionals. I was immediately drawn to her heart chakra and I could feel that she was having issues with letting go of an ex and forgiving herself for it not working out. When I gave her a reiki session I did it via distance, given the Covid pandemic. Energy has no travel bans or bounds, so reiki healing can be done virtually anywhere.

I am a certified Usui reiki master. Like with many other patients lately, I asked Victoria to do our session via video call. I asked her to find a quiet place to sit  where she could just focus on her healing. Every session begins by me letting the client know that any emotions they feel are completely natura. Then I focus my intent and ask that the archangels protect both myself and the client during this time. My intent is always to heal the client for their greatest good.

Next I rub my hands together to generate reiki energy. Now I send the reiki healing energy into the crown chakra and work my way down to the root chakra. I keep a journal and make notes about what I feel during the reiki session in each of the chakras. During our Reiki session, I felt her deep sense of grief and focused my efforts in helping her release that feeling. At the end of the session, I cut the energetic connection with the client to avoid taking any extra energy.

Letting go

At the end of the session Victoria thanked me and admitted she did cry. She asked me if feeling a bit unwell is normal after and a reiki session. I graciously smiled and let her know that it is very common. Reiki is also an energetic detox so clients may feel tired after the session.

As the days progressed Victoria told me she felt happier and at peace as each day went on. Soon she was over her ex and understood that the relationship ending was a blessing as it posed an opportunity for someone who would love and respect her to come into her life. Reiki helped address her grief and turn it into hope.

Aven Forest
Reiki Practitioner

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