Using Reiki To Help Client Suffering From Chronic Fatigue
August 31, 2021

My journey as a healer

My journey to energy and intuitive healing began a few years ago, I have always been fascinated by the diversity and healing powers of alternative medicine from a very young age. It was a spiritual awakening and inner calling to broaden my knowledge on metaphysical science, chakras, and Reiki that has lead me to practice this healing modality. Practicing for 14 years as a homeopathic practitioner, Reiki has been an effective tool in practice to aid the body in restoring balance and clearing out negativity, blockages, cleansing the aura, and helping with the relaxation of my patients. Reiki has many applications, from anxiety to chronic fatigue (as you will see later).

Reiki, or energy healing is an alternative treatment that balances our energetic body and helps release emotions. During a session, the practitioner acts as a medium for healing energy to go to the body of the patient. This healing energy assists in clearing blockages from the energy centers, healing the body on the mental, emotional and physical levels, and restoring the body to optimal health. Energy centers are what we know as chakras, chakra meaning wheel or disc. An imbalance or blockage in one or more of our chakras can lead to an imbalance in our physical, psychological, and emotional dimensions.

A healing session with Jennie

One of my most memorable cases was one with my patient Jennie. Jennie came to the practice needing an energy boost. She was an HR executive in her mid-40s. Her main complaint was lack of energy, fatigue, insomnia, and a general feeling of being unwell. Upon meeting her, I could feel her chakras were imbalanced and that her solar plexus and root chakras had blocks. She had also been taking on other people’s energy and her environment was draining and toxic. Her aura needed to be cleared of this excess negative energy. All of this was blocking her creativity and overall sense of happiness. Jennie was not in a happy place.

I used Reiki to restore and balance her body and in turn, address her fatigue. I asked her to lay on the therapy bed. Before a session, I always play tranquil music and ignite incense. Then, I led Jennie into a meditation to relax her body. After this, I then placed crystals on her energy centers (I often use different crystals that correspond to the chakras like rose quartz, amethyst, etc) and set the intent for her healing. I also asked for guidance from the divine, archangels, and spirit guides.

I placed my hands over her root chakra (the base) and begin channeling healing energy from the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, and crown chakras. During the Reiki session, I could feel her energy slowly clearing, which would help address her fatigue syndrome. After the session, I cleansed her aura with incense and sage. I grounded her by placing my hands on her legs and feet and guided her slowly back to the room. Subsequently, I disconnected from her and did a cord-cutting intention. During our session, I could assess that she had been giving her power away and not protecting her energy. She also had to release pent-up emotions.

Self-love and gratitude

Jennie reported feeling lighter and relaxed after our sessions and more in flow. She moved into a space of self-love and gratitude and is taking better care of her health. I believe that a profession chooses you and I’m so grateful Reiki chose me. To be a part of a client’s healing journey and see their health renewed is the most beautiful blessing I can receive as a practitioner and from the Divine.

Kirasha Allopi

Homeopathic Practitioner, Healer, Coach, Writer, Author, Facilitator

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