Using Astrology To Help A Client Craft A Better Future
September 15, 2021

About my practice 

I discovered what many consider “occult” since I was very young. Astrology happened to be among all those things, too. I always had a knack for languages and Astrology was one of the first “foreign” languages I learned when I was a child. It helped me make sense of the things and people around me. I often felt perplexed by human behavior, and Astrology was the only science that helped me comprehend the human soul better. As the years passed and I grew side by side with Astrology and its many branches, I found my niche in Karmic Astrology. Over time I delved deeper in this branch of astrology and in the Lunar Nodes of different people’s future.

Karmic Astrology focuses on the South and North Nodes. Through these two points in any natal chart, we can observe both the past and future lives of the person. What’s more, we can see what gifts did the person bring with them from their previous incarnations. Likewise, how they should use them to reach the the North Node.  The Nodes are like the compass for the soul. We can orient the entire chart towards them in order to help the individuals live their best life, and follow their dreams with the least obstacles along the way.  

Helping others through Astrology 

Astrology grew with me and became an integral part of my personality in this life. This made it possible for me to help others with guidance, unbiased advice, and healing of stored trauma. Throughout the years, people from all walks of life have come to me seeking objective advice, wisdom, and guidance. I was able to help them by cultivating my own relationship with Astrology. When I open a person’s natal chart I can see “black on white” where the person comes from, what kind of perspective does it have, what kind of temperament, how the person loves, how the person expresses its anger, how it overcomes and how it thrives.

Astrology is a tool what allows me to see positive and negative tendencies that influence a person’s future. With the help of the Nodes I can see what is holding the person back. I can also understand better towards what end the person should strive. But working with the Nodes is not the easiest job, which is completely understandable as they are karma and dharma. Paying off karma has proven to be less than an easy task in most cases. In fact, many people struggle with their own karma and debts from previous lives. With the help of Karmic Astrology, I have been able to help many of my clients (and good friends) to release toxic patterns from their behavior and lives, and to reach a better state of being, and a healthier state of mind. 


Joshua was one of such clients that came to me while being in a dark place in his life. He was in a toxic relationship and he had trouble finding a job that he would enjoy doing. First I did his natal chart reading, with a special focus on the Nodes. After it I did synastry reading for him and his partner. The Nodes revealed that he was in a relationship that was left unfinished in the previous life. They came together to wrap it up. But, once their karmic connection was fulfilled, both of them struggled to release the bond they’d constructed in this life. Also, Joshua was struggling to find the confidence and freedom to express himself and chase after his dream. He was too focused on his failing relationship and partner that turned sour towards him. 

I gave him a direct reading that explained this influences, which he immediately was able to understand. He just kept quiet and nodded with the tears in his eyes. I told him about the problem and why he should release it. I drew his attention to the self-destructive beliefs and programs he had about himself and showed him the path to clearing it all. Humans are constant work in progress, and Joshua was able to muster up his courage to leave a relationship that served neither him nor his partner anymore. And what’s more, it gave him a confidence boost so that he was able to (finally) pursue his passion that he, later on, turned into his dream job. 

The outcome

Joshua is a successful business owner today, and he married a person that helps him be the best version of himself. Astrology provides insights into dimensions of your life that are not easy to see. In doing this, astrology shines light of what’s standing between you and your desired future. And for my clients, just hearing these insights give them the “aha” moment they need to move forward in their lives.

Itana Rakic 

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