How Ayurveda Helped Put An End To My Seizures
June 15, 2021

About me

My name is Hannah. I live in England and work as a laboratory technician at a small company. I have always loved to learn and absorb the much knowledge achers passed on to me. As a high school student, I decided that I wanted to be an athlete, and I also enrolled in a sports school. I made new friends for myself, with whom I went to have a lot of fun, my sports performance was also excellent, I had a secure future ahead of me. Little did I know I would suffer from seizures or that Ayurveda, a practice I knew nothing about, would help me overcome it.

A new condition becomes a part of my life

I was 13 when the teacher asked me a question, but I just had an absence seizure, then I turn off for a few seconds. The teacher interpreted this as not caring about his class, so he sent me out of the room. Later, minor seizures were accompanied by significant attacks, I was numb in my classes all day because of my medications, and my sports performance was constantly deteriorating. On top of all that, I had in mind the thought of how deterrent it can be to others if I have a big attack in front of them.

At the age of 18, as a college student, the two biggest triggers for seizures were constant sleep deprivation and stress, and of course,  alcohol consumption. I know I’m smart, but university wasn’t for me – I had to choose a simpler profession. I needed to develop a stress-free lifestyle where I could control my seizures.

What I’ve always dreaded

I was 21 years old, woke up on the ground at the bus stop and never felt so vulnerable before. I only saw legs in front of me, and someone told the others that called the ambulance 10 minutes ago. As I laid on the sidewalk, I remembered the last few minutes when my legs started to tremble, sparks flickered on my side, my head ached terribly, and I knew there was no going back, a significant seizure was coming, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I clung to the railing, then darkness.

The next day I went to see my neurologist, we did a blood test, and it turned out that my medications I had been taking for years were no longer effective. I will need more medicine. But I couldn’t take it anymore. So far, I have taken five types of medication, which means 15 tablets a day. It has many side effects: obesity, headache, drowsiness, hair loss.

I gave up my university studies because of antiepileptics, lost friends, and I have excluded from social life. I lived in constant fear, accompanied by a kind of anxiety that made me feel uncomfortable in the company of others. It’s as if there’s always some pressure on me, as the possible consequences affect others as well. Seizures are part of my life. When people look at me, they don’t see my epilepsy. They don’t see the constant struggle going on in my brain. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I had to take even more medication. Then I had to look for another alternative.

Road to recovery

A friend of mine mentioned Ayurveda treatment for my seizures. At first, smiling as I listened, I couldn’t believe that strong medications with a myriad of side effects might not be the only solution to a seizure-free life. No two have the same epilepsy. This treatment prescribes individualized and does not always have to use strong antiepileptic for that.

First, the Ayurveda practitioner and I discussed what the trigger factors for my seizure were. I had shortness of breath immediately before all my malaise. My body warmed up; my blood pressure became high. Based on this, my ayurvedic practitioner determined what kind of epilepsy I have in Ayurveda. Only then can he know the specific treatment.

One of the essential exercises that my practitioner taught me is the Cooling Breath (Sitali Pranayama) when I have to curl the sides of my tongue and breath in through my mouth. The purpose of this breathing exercise is to cool my body, my mind and calm my emotions in seizure-inducing stressful situations. He recommended Brahmi Vati tablets, which improved my overall well-being and mental health. It increased my memory, immunity, feelings of happiness, and satisfaction. I could slowly leave my old medicines. Soon I realized I have needed these achievements for a very long time.

Visible results

I had minor seizures during this time, but we already prepared for it, didn’t happen unexpectedly, and after a while, we found the proper preparation and dosage for me. I got prevention tips that are worth paying attention to. My Ayurveda practitioner also described nasal medicine, which I should only use if I feel like seizures coming. 

I regained my optimism, I paid more attention to eating healthily, and my doctor helped me a lot to achieve my milestones. I changed my habits, and all of that change ultimately resulted in success. Not only did I become seizure-free, but my well-being and mental condition also got much better. I didn’t have to live with the side effects caused by the antiepileptic either.

My advice for people living with Epilepsy

There are many ways we can improve our quality of life. I believe there is more than just a medicated path to success. The best thing we can do is to be actively involved in treating epilepsy and achieve a seizure-free life. For me, finding Ayurveda was a Godsend as it helped me break free from my seizures and regain control of my life.

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