Curing Insomnia and Other Imbalances Through Reiki
June 23, 2021

About me 

I’m Aanchal, a 28-year-old woman, originally from India, working as a developer. I have a Master’s degree in Computer Applications and had the opportunity of attending a great school. My college life was fun and made amazing friends who connected with me so well. I always give my 100% to whatever I do, be it professional work or maintaining personal relationships. Unfortunately, I have never felt appreciation from the other end. I also don’t consider myself particularly blessed when it comes to maintaining personal relationships as people came into my life and left for no reason. My continuous struggle to retain relationships increased my anxiety levels, eventually leading to a severe problem of chronic insomnia and later PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). Little did I know Reiki would eventually help me overcome insomnia and the general imbalances I was facing.

Negativity, grief and bad days

I started dating my friend last year in 2020 and we established a pretty deep connection. We had great chemistry, had lots of fun and understood each other well. Things were going smoothly until one day he suddenly switched off his phone and never called back. If you’ve ever gone through anything similar, you can understand all the mixed strong emotions this brought up in me. It was really shocking how a person leaves you for no reason or without any explanation. They say things happen for a reason but until now I have not been able to figure out the cause behind this unexpected separation. 

Soon after this incident, I got the news of my best friend’s demise. I was completely bereft.  Running thoughts and lack of mental peace made my nights sleepless. That’s when I got hit by acute insomnia which later turned chronic. To make matters worse, my body started showing signs of hormonal imbalance. It affected my period cycle and I started getting acute acne. Every month I had delayed periods and when I consulted a gynecologist, he diagnosed me with Polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

Pills and their side effects

I got prescription medicine to sleep better and to regulate my periods. To my misfortune, they had side effects on me. I quickly became dependent on sleeping pills and my period medicine made every period last over 15 days.

Everything was off the track. I felt completely shattered mentally and physically. My parents worried about my health they suggested I take some time off for myself. After one week, I packed my bags and went to the mountains with a group of my college friends.

Learning about Reiki

As I was navigating a hiking trail, I sat near a small waterfall and got nostalgic about my past memories. A group of people crossed our paths and one person from that group sat next to me. We started talking and I shared with him about my current state. To my surprise, he said my body was in need of a repair. I was speechless when he said this as it resonated with me.

He recommended a Reiki centre in a nearby town and encouraged me to give it a try to address in insomnia problem. Hopeful, I decided to go to the place. A counselor told me what Reiki is all about, how it is done and how it can be beneficial. I found the counseling session interesting and because I didn’t like how numb I was towards life, I decided to give it a try. 

A complete transformation

My first session with Reiki was for 30 minutes and it was an amazing experience. I felt the Reiki expert who did the session truly healed my body. The goal of this technique is to remove the blockages present in your body. This healing technique works by opening 7 chakras of your body. The session began with saging, the aim of which was to remove the negative energies present in the body. The expert placed 7 crystals, one on each of the chakra zones. Each crystal had certain frequencies that resonated with each of my chakras. He scanned my body, determined where the blockages were present and healed it with hands and with the help of the crystals. 

During the session, I felt like I was floating and I could feel energy shifting inside. I felt so relaxed and positive after the session that I decided to extend my time out, ultimately taking about 10 Reiki sessions. After each session, I could feel a shift in me. In fact, after the third session, I started to sleep deeper and my menstrual cycle slowly improved. I started to hope that I could finally get rid of my insomnia if I stuck to Reiki.

Closing thoughts

Reiki has helped me become the real me. Not only did Reiki improved my PCOS quite significantly but it got me out of insomnia completely. This form of alternative medicinal practice has helped me immensely with my mental and physical health and changed my life naturally. From a mental perspective, I feel lighter in my interactions with people and my belief is that this will have a positive future impact on them. My message to all of you is that your body is an intelligent self-healing, interconnected system, so just take good care of it naturally and transform your lives.

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