I began my metaphysical journey fascinated by intuition and serendipitous and synchronous events. I’d always been highly clairsentient and clairaudient, only then, I had no vocabulary or insight with which to understand these intuitive modalities, and I had absolutely no idea that I even had them. I thought the messages that no one else heard, and the tummy aches, rashes, gooseflesh, fevers, accidents and feeling-waves were symptoms of tragic character flaws, mental defects and weakness. Little did I know I was an empath.

I made little excursions into astrology in my teens, but lived in basic ignorance of my abilities and the whys and wherefores of what was making me, me. Then, in my mid-twenties, something or someone pointed me in the direction of metaphysics. I like to think it was Grace. Suddenly, I became interested in books by Judith Orloff, Joseph Campbell, Shirley MacLaine, M. Scott Peck, Dan Millman, Carolyn Myss, and Mona Lisa Schulz. The transcendentalists I’d studied became my poets and prophets. My new author-teachers, from Buddha to Jesus, awoke in me the magic, mystery and majesty of life, and I began to recognize my importance in it. Big ‘aha’s’ came serendipitously crashing in and with each correct interpretation of an intuitive hit, with each exciting new piece of knowledge, I understood that I was home. My feelings were more than just emotions. They were intuitive expressions of information that guided, informed and protected me – and others. Then came the best ‘aha’ of all – my emotionality was a gift!

I also came to realize that all along, I was feeling in my body what was physically and emotionally happening to others as well as those they loved! So, I explored medical intuition and later, I became a Reiki practitioner. Now, let’s be clear, one doesn’t have to possess medical intuitive abilities to practice Reiki healing. Reiki energy (universal life force) is channelled to a client by a practitioner using specific hand placements that are powered by sacred symbols given to the practitioner by a Reiki Master through special attunements. The ability to give Reiki does not require psychic talents. But, Reiki attunements can open or enhance one’s natural intuitive abilities. That is what happened to me.

So, one of my main Reiki stories is from a day I worked with a female client in her early 70’s. This vibrant septuagenarian wanted a tarot consultation followed by a Reiki session. Her goals were to gain a clearer perspective on her life, to feel more centered and to reduce anxiety. (FYI, at that point, I’d also developed my clairvoyance and claircognizance. I was having frequent medium experiences, and could even ‘feel’ in my body how persons in spirit had passed.) As I gave Reiki to my client whom I’ll call Mary (not her real name), I was surprised by the appearance of a woman standing at the head of the Reiki table. She told me her name, and I ‘knew’ that she was Mary’s mother. Mom relayed that she was deeply sorry for not having been closer to Mary. I got the sense that their early years were good ones, but life got harder as time went on and Mary was essentially abandoned. Mom communicated that she had also become cross and emotionally unstable, and wanted her daughter to know that it wasn’t her fault.

Always, at the end of my Reiki sessions, I share feedback with clients. After Mary related her initial experiences, she blurted out that she had the oddest feeling that her mother was present. She also expressed that she hadn’t sensed her since her death because ‘the relationship wasn’t good’. That was my cue. I told Mary what I’d seen, felt and heard. She was surprised and thrilled that she’d indeed sensed her mother, and very glad for her mom’s visit. She told me that the early years with her mother were sweet and close, but that later, Mom had changed. They’d become estranged, and Mary hadn’t expected to see her Mom until her judgement day. The calm resulting from Mary’s Reiki session lasted for almost two weeks, and throughout that time, she ‘felt’ her mother repeatedly.

Reiki sessions are as different and unique as the practitioners and clients who engage in them. Reiki is not per se a psychic practice. It’s about the channeling of healing energy. But, practitioners bring their entire beings to sessions as do their clients. Because a Reiki healing is a holistic experience, you never know how a session is going to unfold.

Thanks for reading,


Darlene (Darly Rose) Troiano

Spiritual Intuitive, Tarot Consultant, Medium, Reiki Practitioner


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