Why More People Are Seeking Spiritual Coaches
January 5, 2022

Have you ever felt a little disconnected and lost in life? A Spiritual Life Coach might be just what you need to regain sight. Spiritual life coaches help individuals have a solid and consistent north star in their lives, particularly in these challenging days.

Since the start of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of change in people’s lives. From lost jobs causing financial insecurity to isolation causing anxiety and depression, many people are re-thinking how they exist in this world. In fact, in the USA alone, 4 in 10 adults reported symptoms of anxiety and depression disorders over the course of the pandemic (2020-2021). This is up from 1 in 10 during 2019.

An increasing number of people are finding more importance in having stronger connections to family, community, and to oneself. Healing old traumas and finding meaningful purpose in life is squeezing out material and monetary desires. This is why Spiritual Life Coaches are here to help guide us.

What Do They Do?

A Spiritual Life Coach is the neutral yet nurturing person we sometimes need when facing difficult times. They help us see the blocks causing our problems and gain a new perspective of the bigger picture.

This may be to heal trauma, relieve anxiety, discover purpose, or guide us to see the world with more love.

The approach of many coaches is to help you, their client, explore and understand your connections to the Universe. With their help, we are able to see the world as energy and how we can work with it, react, and respond in an empowering way.

Insight From a Spiritual Coach

To get a better understanding of the role of a spiritual coach, we reached out to a coach offering online services to discuss what sets their work apart from other coaches, therapy or counselling.

From chatting with Moonflower&Co we get an idea of what to expect when choosing to work with a spiritual coach.

What Sets Apart a Spiritual Coach From a Career Coach or Counseling?

Traditionally, when we are feeling weighed down we seek out some form of counselling such as therapy. This can be challenging for two reasons. One being that sometimes, you need to meet and filter through a few before you find a comfortable match. Second, it can become costly per hour.

If our troubles are with money and job security, hiring a Career Coach is a route that we can take. They focus on how you can fit into society’s expectations in the work force. However, working with a Spiritual Coach is a greater in-depth and personal experience. You are choosing a journey to create a stable path outside of standard society limits.

To describe how she sets apart from these mainstream outlets, the coach herself at MoonFlower & Co expresses, “the biggest defining factor that makes a spiritual life coach different than the career or life coaches in the world, is that working with myself we focus on YOU. You have the power. You control the progress, the healing, the redesign of who you are.”

What she wants to reinforce is that the goal of a Spiritual Coach is to show the client how they can feel empowered from their soul, outward. 

What You Can Expect With a Spiritual Coach 

MoonFlower specifically offers her coaching to women, with emphasis on utilizing their feminine power. However, there are coaches with programs for all types of people and their needs. You will identify areas of focus from self- love to relationships, and tapping into purpose and abundance through personal career goals.

She let’s us know to expect difficult shadow work for breaking harmful patterns and ridding ourselves of toxic relationships, both of which inhibit our true purpose. Your Spiritual Coach will create a program for you including aspects of spiritual and wellness practices. This may come in the form of journaling and meditations, and using tools such as tarot and herbal medicines.

They will assist you in seeing the bigger picture and discovering the path for yourself. Nonetheless, you hold the responsibility in your journey, and your coach will keep you accountable with weekly to monthly check-ins.


Embarking on a spiritual journey can be a confusing and lonely. Reconnection to the soul self is rarely that easy. That is why there are Spiritual Coaches here to help.

The more we make aware the need, the more these spiritual workers are going to keep answering the call. In MoonFlower’s heartening words, “it is [spiritual work] the way into a future of a more peaceful, healthier, and happier planet as a whole.”

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