How I Overcame Severe Low Back Pain Using Acupuncture
January 6, 2021

How I Overcame Severe Low Back Pain Using Acupuncture

I’m Charles, a 43-years-old technician and I want to describe how acupuncture helped my lower back pain. When moving my house to my dream neighborhood, all I was thinking about is a ‘happily ever after’ kind of a story. However, this changed my life for the worse. I do not recall suffering any back injury, but I carried and lifted lots of weights during the move. Also, the process involved bending as I carried heavy weights. At times, I felt a few twinges, but I did not think they could be signs of a serious problem. However, within a few days, radiating pain increased in my lower back and began to intensify steadily, reaching to my buttocks and the back of my thighs. I felt a burning sensation down both feet and the lower abdomen. The pain was getting worse by the day, and I needed help. I was desperate! Perhaps you can relate.

Whenever I stood for more than 10 minutes or walked to the grocery store, the pain was worse. Most of the time, I was in unbearable pain, I could not sleep because of pain. I could not get out of the bed or the chair without undergoing that awful pain. On numerous visits to the chemist and pharmacy, I received various prescription painkillers, but none of them was the answer to my lower back pain problems. This affected me so much that I had to sign off work to look after myself because it became harder to push myself to attain my goals. Even worse, doing what I loved most for a career became almost unbearable. I found it challenging even to cope with the basic tasks. The internal pressure to get better increased and I was doing everything at a slower rate than before.

Search For Cure

After trying several modern medicines, including sleeping pills, I decided to quit since none worked as expected. I underwent numerous scans, injections, took loads of opioids, and underwent a surgery – without getting any relief. Whenever I tried any of the remedies I knew, read, or heard from a friend, the biggest challenge was trying to kill the pain in my back when I stood up. At this point, I felt stuck in a dungeon that I seemed never to find a way out.

I searched over the internet and read numerous stories about lower back pain problems and cures, but I seemed to have exhausted the list of the available treatment methods. Since I got no solution in modern medicine, I decided to try alternative treatment methods. When doing my research on the internet, I came across Acupuncture. I decided to try it out immediately as I was desperate for relief.

Key to Real Relief

Lower back pain reduced my quality of life. It was clear that I needed quick intervention. I put all my hope in Acupuncture as I started my treatment journey. When starting the treatment, my pain levels were at a 10 on a scale of 1-10. My acupuncturist assessed the condition every week, and inserted or removed the thin needles in my lower back as deemed necessary. Also, he offered complementary Chinese herbs to help me overcome the tingling sensations whenever the needles were inserted or removed.

Initially, I was uncomfortable undergoing this treatment due to the stinging sensation, but in a week’s time, I was used to it. I felt dull aches at the base of the needles, but the ache subsided within a few minutes. The needles stayed in my lower back for 20 – 30 minutes, and were occasionally heated or stimulated with electric power. Since my lower back pain was acute, it took 12 sessions to eliminate the problem entirely. After, the 12th session, my acupuncturist assessed my pain, which had dramatically reduced to level 1.

Closing Remarks

Lower back pain ranges from muscle aches to burning sensations that worsens when you stand or walk. Before encountering acupuncture, I was going through the most challenging phase of my life, I quit my work, and I could not complete the most basic tasks by myself. I was desperately in need of a cure. Having suffered from recurrent lower back pain that returned few days after treatment, I was desperate for a long-lasting cure. I had tried almost every remedy that I knew or read until I came across an article about acupuncture.

I can attest to it that acupuncture is the best treatment for lower back pain. Except from the tingling sensation when the needles were inserted, there was no other concern for side effects from this mode of treatment. Performed by an experience acupuncturist, the process is safe, effective, and may help patients like me who do not benefit from pain relievers. It stimulated the natural healing of my body and after my acupuncture sessions my body functions have improved, and my lower back pain cured for good.

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