How Ayurveda Helped Me Recover From Digestive Disorders
November 28, 2021

About Me

My name is Shamsul and I am twenty-four years old. I have been living in Bangladesh for the last several years and pursued a private veterinary practitioner. During my academic years, I found myself very much fond of Ayurvedic medicine. As a veterinarian, besides allopathic medicine, I developed my interest in botanical sources. I joined organizations like the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association (VBMA) which helped me gain knowledge about the benefit of herbs Also, I found the effectiveness of Ayurveda in myself too. Due to my interest in it, I completed an online course in Herbal Medicine, offered by the University of Minnesota. I did this at the outset of COVID-19 and as I was studying I could understand the benefits of herbs. I will share my personal experience with Ayurveda as a healing tool to address severe abdominal pain and digestive disorders.

The Problem

In 2020, I was in terrible shape with constant abdominal colic, pain, loss of appetite, chronic indigestion, upset stomach, etc. I saw many doctors to alleviate the problem, but it didn’t work out well. The symptoms would be gone for a few days and occur repeatedly after some days. This led me to do my own research and started studying Ayurvedic medicine.

I read a book named “A Handbook of Ayurvedic Medicine” which helped me to get broader knowledge about Ayurveda. Later, I also consulted with a naturopath in my city and they suggested that I revisit my diet. I took their advice and came across the simple Ayurvedic diet chart and replaced my diet with it. I realized quickly I’d been taking excessive junk food, which eventually led to chronic indigestion and severe abdominal pain.

Following the Holistic Way

According to Ayurveda, any diseases, whether it is mental or physical, are caused by the imbalance of doshas. There are 3 doshas in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Endogenous causes include the internal variation of doshas (Nija), and exogenous causes include the factors from the outside (Agantuka). Causes can even include the misuse of senses, lack of judgment, among other seemingly unrelated topics. I am a Kapha and according to Ayurveda, some stomach problems like indigestion and stomach upset are common Kapha disorders. Accumulation of Kapha causes indigestion. This dilutes the digestive juice and later on reduces its potency to cause indigestion. Aggravation of the Vata (Vatvyadhi) also responsible for indigestion and bloating. This condition is usually accompanied by a weakened digestive (Agnimandhya).

After learning those guidelines from my naturopath, I started to avoid junk foods and started to rely on healthy diets. To relieve my stomach pain, I took 1 teaspoonful juice of fresh ginger and 1/2 a teaspoonful of clarified butter mixed together before eating. This reduces my abdominal pain instantly. To get rid of gas and bloating, I started to do Panchakarma, a great technique to rejuvenate the entire body. This includes message, stress management techniques, specific diets and various cleansing techniques, including enemas. My naturopath recommended herbs like Amla, Ginger, Fennel, and Cardamon to help with my digestion and reduce the problems. 

Closing Thoughts

Finally, Ayurveda helped me create the much needed balance my body was craving. This helps me control my own body and empowers me to keep it healthy. I realized the importance of good health and how it is possible to maintain it for a long time. If other traditional systems didn’t work out for you, try this. I hope you can keep an open mind and explore other potentially beneficial practices. The principles of Ayurveda did wonders in addressing my digestive disorders. It worked for me and I hope my experience helps you decide investigate additional, highly effective paths.

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