How Astrology Helped Me In My Personal Healing Process
May 25, 2021

A success story at first glance

I am a woman in my mid-30s, living in a post-communist country of Southeastern Europe. I was born and raised in Greece, but my destiny had other plans for me. Like many other individuals (and as you will see later), I went through a rough period in my life where I felt lost and hopeless. Little did I know astrology could later help me in my personal healing process.

As you may remember, Greece went through a deep financial crisis. During this time, I couldn’t find a decent job that would help me pay my bills.  My boyfriend and I decided to move abroad and start a new life. Thankfully, the relocation ended up being a good decision, as I completely changed my career path, and could land a well-paid job. I also got married to a wonderful man and people think of me as a successful and happy woman. However, this was not the case a few years ago. 

Dark early years

I grew up in a pretty toxic environment where my parents would argue, even for minor things. During their marriage, they had relationships with other people, and my little brother and I went through all of this silently. 

Eventually, I left my parent’s home, found a job, and started to build my life as an adult. But the childhood trauma was there… Severe trust issues, panic attacks, and depression affected me and my relationships in a meaningful way. At one point, I lost my job and broke up with my boyfriend. I was desperate.

Seeking help

After a month of sleepless nights and sleep paralysis, I realized I had to ask for help. I contacted a psychotherapist who told me I had emotional traumas and prescribed me anxiety medications. Well, I already knew that… 

Have you ever felt so lost you would try anything? This is how I was feeling, so I started looking for alternative therapy methods and tried homeopathy and meditation, but they didn’t have the expected results I was hoping.

One day, I came across an intriguing post about Astrology and how it influences life on different levels and help with emotional healing. Curious by nature, I started searching for more information and even managed to create my natal chart with the help of an app.

Astrology helped me find myself and heal my body and soul

The significant shift came once I got my natal chart and started trying to understand it. I looked deeper into my chart, reading about the different planetary positions and aspects. So many things began to make sense! I was finally able to figure out why I was the way I was. I realized that Astrology could give the answers to many questions that are often elusive. What is my purpose? Will I meet my soulmate someday? Can I improve my life, and if yes, how? By knowing that Astrology could shed a light on all these questions, I knew it could help me in my personal healing process.

I have always been more mature than my peers and with a facial expression that matched it. Outwardly, I was cold, confident, and distant. Inwardly, I was extremely sensitive and craved love and affection—a typical Capricorn. Studying my natal chart, I realized and discovered so many things about myself. 

Then I decided to ask a professional astrologer to help me identify the problems and blockings in my chart. This was one of the best decisions I ever made! My astrologer not only showed me my weak points but helped me see the many good assets I was blessed with. 

Finding meaning and answering questions

Thanks to her insights and my personal work with my natal chart, I discovered so much about myself. The astrologer helped me see my real potential and skills. I thought I had too much Capricorn influence, but she told me I am actually too airy! I need to communicate my thoughts and ideas with others and be more social. With a sextile between Mercury and Neptune, I could even write books or fairytales! My rich 10th house is also an excellent asset for publishing, popularity, and business.

The astrologer also pointed out the problems I was facing within the family. In Astrology, the Moon represents the Mother, while the Sun the father. In my chart, Sun and Moon are in tight conjunction, showing that between my parents there is a friction that affects my life. 

Realizing that everything is a path that we must walk on helped me accept my past, forgive, and look ahead. I managed to learn new skills and improve existing ones. Soon after found a rewarding and well-paid job as a writer and blogger that is precisely what I needed according to my chart. I was even able to understand why I suffered so much from trust issues, insomnia, and depression, and finally, I started actually to cope with them.

Now I feel great. I have a beautiful relationship with myself and my loved ones. My job inspires me, and I have big dreams for a bright and happy future. The journey is not easy, but it’s so eye-opening and awakening. 

Let Astrology be your loyal partner

If you want to heal your body and soul, start your self-discovery journey as soon as possible. Don’t waste more time setting unhappiness as your new normal. All the truth is inside you and you just have to dig within! Alone or with the help of an experienced astrologer, Astrology can help you heal the past, live the present, and build the future and achieve personal healing in the process. Are you ready for a life-changing journey?

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