Breaking Free From Neuralgia With The Help Of Acupuncture
March 30, 2021

About Me

My name is Mary, a 41 year old work-at-home-mom to my 8-year old homeschooler. I live in Davao City, the Southern part of the Philippines. I am working as a freelancer while managing a small rental family business. As a woman, I face daily life challenges in performing different roles: a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and everything in between. As you or someone you know might be able to relate, juggling these responsibilities can be challenging at times. So much so, that it can lead to physical manifestations, in my case neuralgia, which I was able to treat through acupuncture.

Growing up, my mother raised us using home remedies to treat colds, coughs, and fever. But my alternative medicine journey started almost two decades ago when I rushed to the emergency room due to a urinary tract infection. Because of the recurring infections, I decided to take this route. I diligently did my research on how to cure the condition naturally. My entire family is now taking this path in addressing health issues.

Triggering Neuralgia

In September of 2020, we took a trip to the countryside to visit a local farm. It was a beautiful day spent, until I went home and felt an extreme headache. I thought it was a simple headache due to sun exposure. As days passed by, the pain was getting worse. Days became weeks, and the intensity of the pain became more aggressive.

By October 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, eight out of 20 tenants expressed that they will be moving out. A week after, I lost a long-time client due to business closure. At that point, I could feel that my body was not coping with this different level of stress. Financial constraints here and there, plus the restrictions of the pandemic, all contributed to my anxiety. I felt helpless, and that’s when the simple headache went from painful to crippling.

At this point, I needed to take painkillers to do the most basic things, like washing the dishes. I’d feel a few minutes of relief, but the pain would eventually come back stronger. It was a continuous aching and throbbing, with shooting pain. It started at the head’s base and went to the scalp on one or both sides of the head. At some point, I could feel pain behind the eye, which affects the head’s side.

Constant Search

I got anxious because the pain had been going on for more than a month already. Frankly, at times I thought maybe it can be a brain tumor or cancer. Scared as I was, I dared to see a doctor and found out that it was Occipital Neuralgia. It is a condition where the occipital nerves are injured or inflamed. I took a higher dose of painkillers, but it only gave me temporary relief, and it kept coming back.

Befriending Needles


One day a friend told me to try acupuncture to address my neuralgia. I was terrified to try it but desperate as I was, I finally said yes. It was a small clinic in the downtown area managed by a Korean practitioner.

I was scared and hesitant on that day. To help me calm down, he clearly explained that it’s tolerable, like a mosquito bite. As I went through the 30-minute procedure, I immediately felt relief right there and then. My nerves could now breathe and release the pain and stress from my body, like taking out the balloon’s air. It was an amazing experience. The discomfort went down by 50% instantly.  After the second session the following week, I was almost pain-free, and it was so liberating. Now, the excruciating pain had gone down to 10%. Finally, I was pain-free after my third session up until now. I am so thankful that it did not come back, not even a bit.

Final Thoughts


Pandemic changed the way we lived, which has brought a negative impact on our lives. During these uncertainties, we may be facing financial problems that can lead to illness. Let us be mindful of what our body is telling us. A simple pain can lead to another. Let us constantly take care of our physical, mental, and emotional health. Stress can lead to something serious if taken for granted. I made a promise to myself to visit the clinic monthly to have my acupuncture session even in the absence of neuralgia. It is my way to reboot, revitalize and recharge my body. I am forever grateful for the gift of natural healing.


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